Single Processing Window for simplifisd cases registration

Based on the regulation, applicants should prepare all application documents and service fees for filing application, we’ll provide you one-on-one service to fill out the applicatioin forms of registration. Submitting the documents and paying the fees, you can then hand in documents to the inspectors for inspection. We provide single collection window to provide all services.

Applicable targets: whoever (including professional agent of land registration) goes to the land affairs board to file applications of registration.

Types of registration we accept: 1. inactivating registration of mortgage rights (mortgagor is financial institution)
2.registration of address change
3.registration of name change
4.registration of stree number change (only valid for number complilation)
5.registration of document exchange
6.retrieval registration (limited for those who filed retrieval at census)
7.document annotation
completing time: completing the document within an hour after receiving (completing time will be longer if there are over 5 documents to be dealt with)
Reminder for applicants: Applicant should bring ID copy, personal stamp, and all necessary documents and go to the counter personally.

Address:8F,No.245,Kuo-hua street,Chiayi City (the 8th floor of west market building)‧