Application Service by Fax

In order to be more commodious to the public who has no time to proceed all applicatioins, all kinds of official document copies and part registration work can be applied through correspondence.
(一) registration of resident address changes
(二) Registration of name change (is only valid for those who filed name change for their census data)
(三) Registration of land booklet change (is only valid for the construction lands that areregistered to be changed as “building construction”land as part of the urban planning)
(四) Registration of mortgage rights abatement (limited for financial institute applicants)
(五) document annotation
(六) registration of organization to building numbers 
(七) official copies of land construction
(八) office plat copies
(九) copies of measurement results of construction
(十) land price reference 

Reminders for Applicants
1.Please address “correspondent registration cases”on the left corner of the envelop.
2.Those who apply for document copies and printout of construction works should fill in document copies application forms or application statement (please note contact phone number), mailing to the land affairs borad enclosed with stamped-returning-express mail envelop and service fee.
3.Those who file for registration cases should fill in registration application forms, list, and enclosing related documents, stamped-returning-double express mail envelop and service fee, mailing to the land affairs board.
4.Registration fees of filing registration case and official copies can be exempted. Only when the rights content has been changed and the copy needs to be redepulicated (changes in accordance with administrative measurement of the executive institution or modified rights and responsibilities are exclusive), the applicants should pay for registration fees.

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